Ashiatsu massage

You can always find the relief and comfort you crave in a visit to medspa810. There’s a wide breadth of different health and wellness treatments available, from medical fasts to restorative massages. When it comes to massages, the medspa810 team combines a breadth of different therapies with high technical skills. The range of methods on display draws from diverse inspirations, such as the ancient Eastern practice of the ashiatsu massage.

What is Ashiatsu Massage?

Ashiatsu Massage is a catch-all term for a variety of different practices that developed independently across Eastern Asia. Thailand, the Philippines, China, and Japan all have their own traditions of ashiatsu. However, there are two common traits that bring all these disparate practices together. For one, they grew out of ancient Chinese medicine and relied on the energy maps that guide other Eastern practices, such as acupuncture.

The second feature that links them is that in each different national practice, the masseuse uses their feet! Ashiatsu directly translates to “foot pressure.” While performing this massage, the practitioner uses special handlebars to maintain their balance and distribute weight effectively. It’s an unusual sight at first but is sure to become a welcome one once you’ve had your first ashiatsu massage.

How Does Ashiatsu Massage Work?

Pressure is a key factor in many massage techniques, and greater pressure can bring a unique sense of relief. However, there’s a limit to the broadness and force that a masseuse can apply with their hands. By applying the weight of their body via the feet, a masseuse creates all sorts of new opportunities for relieving tension and pain.

Traditionally, ashiatsu practitioners relied on the energy charts of ancient Chinese medicine and most still do. However, the best practitioners today have a diversified knowledge that combines the original teachings with modern wellness science. This combination is what makes Med Spa 810 an excellent choice for an ashiatsu massage.

What Are the Benefits of Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu utilizes broad, heavy pressure and smooth, sweeping strokes. In doing so, it compels your body to relax and release built-up tension. As the massage continues, you’ll feel a greater level and depth of relief. Many spas report that athletes are among their top customers for ashiatsu, which is a testament to its capacity for deep tissue relief. If your back, joints, or muscles have felt stiff or sore, you should consider a thorough, restorative ashiatsu massage.

Length of Ashiatsu Massage

When you visit medspa810, you have several options with regard to length. These range from 20 minutes to almost two hours, which ensures you’ll find the right choice for your physical, financial, and schedule requirements.

  • 20 Minutes
    Even a quick massage will have you feeling the benefits of this soothing process.
  • 50 Minutes
    A relatively brief, but more thorough procedure that will untangle your muscles and release your discomfort.
  • 80 Minutes
    A serious, lengthy massage that promises to leave you feeling more relaxed than you have in ages.
  • 110 Minutes
    The ultimate choice to relieve stress and tension. Achieve bliss with a 110 minute-long session.

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