How Much Does Cool CoolSculpting Cost?

CoolSculpting before and after abdomin

Body-contouring procedures, like Coolsculpting, have been steadily on the rise in the last several years. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the number of body-contouring procedures being performed has quadrupled since 2012. The Society also announced in their 2019 report that these procedures had risen by 43% in just two years, from 2017-2019.

There’s no surprise these new, innovative procedures have seen such a dramatic rise in popularity. Body-contouring is non-invasive, virtually painless, and – with commitment – offers real results without going to the gym or changing your diet. Of all the procedures, CoolSculpting is the most well-known. CoolSculpting is like the Botox of dermal fillers. It’s the name brand that most people know of and trust.

So, is CoolSculpting an affordable option for most people? Keep reading to find out how much CoolSculpting costs.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a type of cryolipolysis in which freezing temperatures are used to remove stubborn pockets of fat from specific parts of the body. The treatment is an FDA-approved cosmetic procedure. Fat cells are especially sensitive to cold temperatures compared to other cells in the body. After a certain point of coldness, the fat cells can be permanently damaged and killed. The CoolSculpting process is completely safe and only impacts the fat cells without affecting other cells.

The Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting freezes the cells, which in turn damages them. The body responds by killing and getting rid of the fat cells within one to four months. CoolSculpting can reduce the fat cells in a treated area by 20-25%. This is especially beneficial for people with “problem areas” where they cannot get rid of fat. You can’t fat-target when you exercise or lose weight, so sometimes people can look great all over except for one section of their body – like their arms or their stomach. CoolSculpting provides a non-surgical approach to target areas of your body that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise.

If patients stick to a healthy diet and maintain their weight, CoolSculpting results can last long-term.

Average CoolSculpting Costs

According to the official CoolSculpting website, the average CoolSculpting costs in the United States are between $2,000-$4,000 per session. Most people need about 2-3 sessions per targeted area. So, if we take a median cost of $3,000 for 2.5 sessions, the average person pays $7,500 for each area.

This may seem like a high cost, but it’s the price you pay for convenience and results you can’t get any other way.

Some patients can lower the cost per session by purchasing packages of several sessions to cover several areas. Additionally, clients can get more information during their consultation about their personalized needs and what their costs may look like. For example, some patients treating a smaller area may only need two sessions rather than three. This can significantly reduce costs.

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