Is Getting Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

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Why wouldn’t someone want laser hair removal? It’s painless, safe and you can get it done at our Medspa810 in Scottsdale. Laser hair removal not only eliminates unattractive stubble and follicle flecks but can also prevent ingrown hair growth and put extra money in your budget. No more wasting money on razors, tweezing, waxing or hair removal creams that irritate your skin.

So, is laser hair removal worth it? You bet it is!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser energy used to remove unwanted hair is concentrated light energy targeting hair follicles. Laser “pulses” affect follicles only, leaving surrounding skin untouched. Heat contained in laser energy zaps highly pigmented sites on the body, such as hair follicles and moles. Follicles start shrinking as soon as the laser passes over them. Soon afterwards, this shrinkage renders them unable to produce hair.

Have You Heard of These 5 Great Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

1. You’ll Actually Look Forward to Laser Hair Removal

If you currently rely on plucking, waxing, threading and/or electrolysis to get rid of unwanted hair, you probably don’t look forward to undergoing these types of painful hair removal treatments. Why not start looking forward to hair removal appointments by scheduling a visit with us today? Laser hair removal won’t make you cringe or grit your teeth and you’ll be enjoying permanent hair removal instead of just temporary hair removal.

2. Say Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs

If you have curly hair, chances are you’ve had to deal with ingrown hairs after tweezing or shaving. Ingrown hairs happen when curved hair follicles that produce curly hair allows new hair to re-enter and pierce skin. Anytime hair abnormally penetrates the skin’s surface, your immune system responds as though that hair is a foreign body. That’s why painful bumps and pimples emerge around ingrown hair sites due to inflammation.

3. Tired of Nicks and Cuts?

Using toilet paper or styptic pencils to stop a razor nick from bleeding is really old school. Getting laser removal treatment means no more cuts, nicks and unsightly scabs on your legs. For men, it also means not forgetting you’ve got a piece of toilet paper stuck on your face!

4. Showing Off Skin That’s Smooth, Flawless and Kissable

When you can run your hands over skin that feels as sleek as silk, you’ll instantly feel more confident about yourself and the way you look. And, you won’t be spending so much of your valuable time at waxing, tweezing or electrolysis appointments. In fact, laser skin removal is the most effective, long-term, FDA-approved technique to prevent unwanted hair from returning.

5. Guys, Laser Hair Removal isn’t Just for Women

While a little chest hair can be attractive to most women, too much chest hair and/or back hair is, well, not so attractive to the ladies. Pulling out body hair with wax and cloth strips is not only painful but hair ultimately grows back, sometimes in as little time as one or two weeks. Today, more men than ever are relying on laser hair removal to eliminate unibrows, neck beards and facial beards they prefer not to deal with. It’s more convenient and affordable than repeated waxings, tweezings or electrolysis and gives men the kind of smooth, stubble-free skin they can’t get with razors or electric shavers.

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