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At medspa810 North Scottsdale our professional massage therapists work individually with each of our guests to provide superior care that delivers results. Whether you are visiting us following a sports injury, looking to detoxify your body, wanting to release tension or pampering your body through the various stages of pregnancy, we will listen first and create a personalized plan to help you relax, refocus and feel your very best.

We realize that a great massage is about more than simply pampering your body. Throughout your visit to medspa810 North Scottsdale, you will enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of nature, dimly lit and comfortable treatment rooms, sugar foot scrubs, hot towel treatments and exotic aromatherapy to help you completely unwind. Spend an hour with us to escape, and leave feeling fully prepared to tackle whatever life delivers.

Discover serenity, focus, and relaxation with a massage at medspa810 North Scottsdale.

Choose from any of the below options:

Signature Massage $49

30 – 90 minute sessions ( $49 – $89 member price ) ( $59 – $119 Non-Member )

Ashistsu $79

60 Minute Sessions ( $79 Member, $99 Non-Member )

Hot Stone Massage $99

90 Minute ( $99 Member, $129 Non-Member )

Swedish Massage $49

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