Coolsculpting Scottsdale

Coolsculpting Scottsdale

How many times do you hear people wanting to know which body exercises target the fat in their belly? Procedures and solutions that target fat are of high interest to today’s society. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated that liposuction procedures increase by at least 5% each year, alongside other procedures like Scottsdale AZ best CoolSculpting.

What is coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved fat-reducing procedure that freezes fat to reduce its appearance on the body. Unlike surgery, it is non-invasive and involves using a vacuum applicator to suction the targeted parts. The freezing causes the fat cells to eventually die end get out of the body as toxins via the lymphatic system.

How does it work?

The sensation feels cold at first, then gets more comfortable as the skin becomes numb. In theory, you should notice a reduction of your tummy or other treated fat areas after only one session. However, it may take about three sessions to treat larger areas like the abdomen. You will not walk out of the appointment with a flat tummy because it takes a while for all the targeted fat cells to die off and leave the body. The second result has a 20-25% fat reduction, and the third session has even better results because you have fewer fat cells.

The applicators have different sizes; hence, they should grab the target area to reduce fat. An example is that the abdomen applicator may not work on the chin if you do not have enough surface area to grab. 

Who is an excellent coolsculpting candidate?

The easiest way to understand whether you are a good candidate is to know that cool sculpting is for anyone who needs some sculpting procedure to shape or reduce a carve. The process intends to eliminate subcutaneous fat around the organ, which is usually more challenging to target with exercise or diet. Most people who seek our services want to get rid of belly fat, which they may refer to as a ‘baby pouch,’ ‘muffin top,’ or love handle.

It is important to note that coolSculpting treatments in Arizona work the same on all body parts; hence you can use it on your face, arms, back, and just about anywhere else. Here are a few general signs you are a great cool sculpting candidate:

  • You have stubborn fat even after losing a lot of body fat
  • You are generally healthy but want a tighter abdomen
  • You can pinch an inch of your skin after reaching your weight goal

The magic word is that coolSculpting body contouring is excellent for stubborn areas but not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. You can use it to fine-tune your body to the desired weight and look while maintaining your regular workout and diet plan.

Is it permanent?

The golden question is whether coolsculpting fat reduction is worth it for long-term results. We advise clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle because while cool sculpting flashes away from the dead fat cells, it does not guarantee that new ones will stay at bay. We do our best to give you the most satisfactory results possible by weighing you before the procedure, massaging to thaw away the fat cells, and scheduling consecutive treatments depending on your desired results. Contact MedSpa 810 to experience bliss in North Scottsdale’s top medspa today (480-513-8813).

Coolsculpting Scottsdale
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