Who Can Do CoolSculpting in Arizona?

CoolSculpting before and after abdomin

CoolSculpting lets you freeze away fat without surgery or incisions. medspa810 Is one of just a few local spas offering this CoolSculpting Elite service. In fact, we were the second practice in Phoenix to introduce this innovative equipment to our customers. Plus, you know you’re in good hands with our team since we are owned and operated by physicians.

Keep reading to learn more about the credentials of our CoolSculpting team and to find out if you’re a good candidate for this cutting-edge fat-reducing service. Get ready to lose inches on your lunch break!

Who Can Operate CoolSculpting Elite Equipment?

Only qualified physicians or trained estheticians operating under the supervision of a physician can run CoolSculpting Elite equipment. This unique form of fat reduction has received FDA approval, and it uses a freezing technique called cryolipolysis.

CoolSculpting harnesses freezing temperatures to breakdown fat cells. The surrounding cells are not harmed, so you experience no damage to underlying tissue or your skin. During this simple procedure, a qualified operator uses suction to vacuum the skin above fat deposits, and an applicator cools fat cells, numbing the area.

You may feel a cool sensation — but no pain — during your CoolSculpting session.

Before CoolSculpting under neck
After CoolSculpting under neck

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

if you have a few pounds of stubborn fat that you can’t seem to lose no matter what you do, you may find CoolSculpting is just what the doctor ordered. CoolSculpting can permanently remove fat without surgery. Even if you have reached a healthy weight, you could have deposits of fat that are tricky to get rid of. Feel free to come in for a consultation to find out if CoolSculpting can help remove your stubborn fat deposits.

Here are the general criteria for most successful CoolSculpting candidates:

  • You’re in good general health. Although CoolSculpting requires no incision, it’s still recommended for people in relatively good health. As there are some risks associated with any procedure, you should let your practitioner no about any chronic health conditions or concerns that you may have.
  • You aren’t trying to get pregnant. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, it’s better to wait until after giving birth to receive CoolSculpting services. There are no studies showing that the process harms fetuses but better safe than sorry. Also, you may have additional fat deposits to work on following your pregnancy.
  • You must have enough fat. People see different things when they look at their bodies. However, the CoolSculpting elite machine must have enough fat to work with. As a general rule of thumb, if you can pinch an inch, you may be a good candidate for the procedure.

Feel free to come in for a consultation if you aren’t sure if you meet the criteria, or if you have any questions about what CoolSculpting can do for you.

before photo of abdomen and CoolSculpting
After photo of abdomen and CoolSculpting

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