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medspa810 has what it takes to make you look and feel better than you ever have before. Dr. B is the certified and thoroughly trained expert who heads up our team of experienced cosmeticians. She and our team can provide you with holistic relief that targets every part of your body. There are massages suited to relieving joint pain, many treatments to imbue your skin with new life, and cutting-edge fat reduction therapies.

Soothing Massages

The medspa810 staff is experienced in a diverse repertoire of relaxing massages that can relieve joint pain and energize you.

Patented Hydrafacial Procedures

We’ve developed a unique hydrafacial procedure that combines many distinct elements of skincare. You’ll experience exfoliation, hydration, extraction, and a fresh infusion of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Nothing is quite as rejuvenating as our hydrafacials.

Luxury Hydrafacial

You can take a step further into revitalizing your skin with the luxury hydrafacial. It utilizes additional steps to cleanse, peel, and protect after moisturizing your skin. As a finishing touch, we elevate the experience with a head, neck, and shoulder massage. 



You can incorporate one of four enhancements into the hydrafacial as you like. One is the option of extending the treatment downward to your neck and décolleté so that we’ll restore the skin of those areas as well. Connective Tissue Growth Factor boosts the production of elastin and collagen, while Brightenol improves the evenness and appearance of your complexion. The Dermabuilder enhancement gives your skin a boost by increasing elasticity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.



Medical Facials

In addition to our unique hydrafacials, we offer numerous other types of medical facials. These include medical peels, microneedling, and LED light therapy.

Fire and Ice Facial

If you’re seeking the deep cleansing of a chemical peel without the downtime, this is the choice for you. It can resurface and heal the skin to the point of fixing minor skin imperfections while letting you get right back to normal life.


VI Chemical Peel

The VI Chemical Peel is an intermediate strength, medical-grade dermatological treatment. It may involve 5-7 days of skin peeling, but the result is fresh, clear skin. This is a suitable choice for mild skin imperfections, although a stronger peel is necessary for severe problems.


Skin Medica Chemical Peels

The Skin Medica Chemical Peel is the most potent facial peel we offer. In addition to resolving temporary issues such as acne, it can reduce the long-term effects of aging and skin damage. There are three unique Skin Medica peels that each offer a unique benefit. One focuses on brightening your skin and providing a natural glow, while others eliminate

  • Illuminize
  • Vitalize
  • Rejuvenize


Microneedling is a flexible treatment option that induces collagen production by creating a controlled wound with fine needles. It can resolve a wide array of skin problems, such as acne breakouts, stretch marks, and inconsistent complexion. You can enhance your microneedling treatment with two optional features:

  • Growth Factor
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

LED Light Therapy

Cosmetic LED therapy relies on gentle, warming LED lights to stimulate the natural responses of your body. There’s no unpleasant sensation or downtime, but this method can quickly help treat acne outbreaks and eliminate post-inflammation scarring.

Cosmetic Facials


In addition to the deep cleansing and exfoliation of a medical facial, medspa810 offers nine types of traditional facials. Each will leave you feeling refreshed and looking great, but the emphasis of the treatments is different.

Anti-Aging Facial
Repair wrinkles, fine lines, and give your skin a youthful look.

Deep Cleaning Facial
A facial specially formulated to decongestant and cleanse your skin, relieving and preventing acne outbreaks.

Brightening Facial
Brighter, beautiful skin.

Calming Facial
A beautifying treatment that relieves itchiness, discomfort, and inflammation.

Skin Fit Facial
Lift the facial muscles to provide a firmer, sharper look.

Super Hydration Facial
Eliminate dry spots and hydrate your skin.

A facial for your back, perfect for swimmers or women that love open-back dresses.

Express Facial
The luxurious Express Facial is an exhaustive, customized facial that provides maximum relief and restoration.

Cool Sculpting Removes Stubborn Fat

The FDA-approved Cool Sculpting process uses careful application of cold to freeze and kill fat cells. It can eliminate 20%-25% of targeted fat concentrations in a localized area.


Laser Treatments

Dr. B’s laser treatments can resolve skin imperfections, eliminate unwanted hair, and help you look your best. Additionally, they’re affordable and almost entirely painless.



medspa810 Revitalizes Your Skin

When you need great Scottsdale spa services, there’s only one choice. Come visit medspa810 so that Dr. B and the team can help you look and feel your best.