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Many individuals use injectable dermal fillers (or simply fillers) to replace diminished facial volume. Faces often lose volume for various reasons, but age and significant weight loss are the most common culprits. The procedure works by incorporating the liquid filler under the skin to fill areas lacking volume or shape. Injectable fillers are an excellent, minimally invasive option people wanting to even out fine lines, sagging skin, and/or wrinkles to create a younger-looking appearance. Dermal fillers can also be combined with other aesthetic treatments to provide the benefits of a traditional facelift without going under the knife, the presence of scars, and the required downtime. We offer a variety of dermal fillers to meet the specific needs of each individual. To determine which injectable fillers are suitable for you, we encourage you to visit medspa810 where our team can help you make this decision.

For Scottsdale, AZ patients, dermal fillers may improve several different needs and provide various advantages, such as:

  • Improved areas affected by sagging skin or wrinkles
  • Added facial volume to attain your optimal facial structure
  • Improved confidence in your skin and total appearance
  • Rejuvenated and added volume to regions that have become hollow or sunken
  • Customizable treatment options for your ideal results

The ideal candidates for dermal fillers would be anyone looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without undergoing a surgical facelift. Often, those with significant signs of aging or who have recently lost a significant amount of weight have areas on their face that are sunken in or uneven. These attributes make them great contenders for injectable fillers. Fillers are also a great option for those who are not comfortable with the scars that can occur following a surgical facelift.

Our team will consult with you during your initial consultation to learn more about your desired results and decide which dermal filler to use. Before your procedure, we will use numbing cream as an anesthetic to minimize the discomfort of the injections. We will decide the amount of appropriate filler and will carefully and evenly inject it through a small needle. Keeping the desired result in mind, either a portion or an entire syringe could be used during the procedure.

Nurse injector Kaitlyn is incredible at her job!! I was new to the world of injectables when I first met with Kaitlyn at Medspa810 in North Scottsdale. She started me on just the right amount of Dysport and holy cow I had no idea what I was missing all this time. The results were fabulous. Fast forward a year later my skin looks fresher than ever. A few days ago I decided to do my first treatment of filler in places age has stolen my volume. Needless to say, I am obsessed with how natural and smooth it turned out. Kaitlyn listens to concerns and exceeds expectations with each treatment. Trusting someone with your face is a major decision which is why I am grateful to have found such a knowledgable and caring nurse.

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Highlighting this amazing transformation done by our very own Nurse Kaitlyn Nurse Kaitlyn said, "NEW before & after pictures. The best aesthetic treatments are impactful, yet undetectable. I treated this patient in two treatments. In August of 2022, we worked on the checks and midface using #voluma and #vollure . (March 4, 2023) I brought her back into my training and treated the temples and jawline with #voluma and #volux . In this post, you will see before and afters from no filler to 10 syringes in 8 months and from 5 syringes to 10. Also, note how exceptionally well her cheeks (Voluma) looks 8 months later! Now we will maintain with neurotoxin, biostimulators, and fillers in small amounts to keep her looking natural and refreshed throughout the years!..." Book your Consultation with Nurse Kaitlyn! Call us at (480) 513-8813 #tranformation

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This place is my go to. I’ve had multiple facial treatments as well as Botox which I was so please with that I went ahead an d bite the bullet and got very light fillers. There was no pressure to go heavy ... she is willing to start small and gain your trust. Also next door to a delicious deli!

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MedSpa810 Note: I am reviewing the MedSpa810 at Pinnacle Peak Road and Scottsdale. North Scottdale location. This review is way long overdue. I have been going to the spa for over 11 years. I followed the owner, Kristy, from another spa in the area prior to that. I think I’ve had at least 75% of their treatments they offer done on myself and or my husband. We are both active members and have really been impressed with MedSpa810 and I’ve enjoyed watching their business grow. I think they have become an anchor in the community. :) I respect and appreciate the way they do business and how they communicate with their clients. They seem to always be very organized too! First and foremost, they are extremely professional and take a personal interest in you as well as what results you’re looking for. Every single employee must have special training in manners because they are so warm, inviting and polite! I’ve had many facials done over the years and this place by far has the best estheticians in the valley. I’ve had dermaplaning, micro dermabrasion, micro needling, hydro facial, Botox, Fillers, cool sculpting and numerous other facial treatments. We moved from Cave Creek down to Biltmore 4-years ago, but have kept our membership at this spa. We just make the drive every 4 to 6 weeks. They offer so many different options to help with your specific skincare needs. Same with my massages. I have had the deep tissue, Swedish, and Shiatsu! All being awesome. My daughter had a massage while pregnant and they knew exactly how to help with her back pain at 7-months along. I always take my friends and family for pampering when they come from out of town. They LOVE it! Then we head to Nori at City North for yummy sushi afterwards! They have a nice variety of skin products that I use for my home skincare. Eminence, which is one of my favorites. They also have SkinMedica that I love and several others to chose from based on your skincare needs. They have this cool vibrating heated bed you lay in when you get a facial and/or other skin treatments. I think most of the beds have heat capability too! The decor is very classy, relaxing and comfortable from the waiting area and into each of the rooms. I love the new space they moved to for more room from previous. Even through our pandemic, they thought outside the box with ways to help their clients with their skin care needs such as curbside pick-up or delivery options for products you were in need of. Once reopened, they went above and beyond to ensure the safety of both clients and employees. They have a new high tech filter system installed as well as they sanitize every room and equipment after each use. All employees have continued to wear mask. It is optional for customers, but recommended. They have become very popular over the years, so book ahead! Always give them a ring to check availability because of cancellations and they will do everything they can to fit you in at the last minute.

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This place is my go to. I've had multiple facial treatments as well as Botox which I was so please with that I went ahead an d bite the bullet and got very light fillers. There was no pressure to go heavy ... she is willing to start small and gain your trust. Also next door to a delicious deli!

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Due to the numbing agents we use for dermal filler treatments, the process is typically pretty tolerable, and most patients require no downtime to recover afterward. You can expect swelling and bruising immediately after, but these symptoms should fade away quickly. Results can last from a few months to a year based on the product and the area of injection. To maintain your results, you can schedule touch-up treatments at our Scottsdale, AZ med spa.

If you are in the for Scottsdale, AZ area and insecure about the signs of aging that are appearing on your face but want to avoid plastic surgery, dermal fillers may be the answer you seek. Fillers reveal younger and more voluminous skin without the risk of scarring or a long recovery time. For more information about fillers or to schedule a consultation, contact medspa810 to begin your journey to a more voluminous appearance.

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How much do injectable fillers cost?
The cost of dermal filler treatment varies depending on the brand of filler and the amount used to achieve your desired results. During a consultation, our professionals at medspa810 will develop a plan that matches your goals. After this, we can provide a cost estimate, which will include any current specials we may have.
What is the difference between wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers?
A wrinkle relaxer treats fine lines and wrinkles (mostly on the brows and around the eyes and mouth) by reducing the movement of facial muscles. On the other hand, dermal fillers add volume to the face in order to fill in creases. Injectable fillers may also be used to enhance your cheeks and lips as well as rejuvenate the hands.
What areas of my face can be treated with dermal fillers?
Injectable fillers can improve unwanted signs of aging by restoring volume or smoothing away fine lines. Dermal fillers can be injected into the cheekbones, chin, lips, nose, jawline, and around the eyes for a refreshed look. Our Scottsdale, AZ team specializes in natural-looking results with fillers.
How do I know which injectable filler is right for me?

The type of dermal filler chosen for you will be based on which area(s) is being treated as well as your wanted outcome. Depending on whether you would like to address wrinkles or you want to create plumper lips, your injector will understand your concerns before suggesting the correct filler for you. Now that there are so many different dermal fillers, it can be overwhelming to identify which is better for you, but our team of aesthetic professionals will help ensure you experience natural-looking results and a rejuvenated look.

How long will the results last?

How long your results last will be based on the type of filler used and the area(s) treated. For some people, improvements may last for a year, whereas others may want another treatment after three months. Follow-up treatments can be performed at our office in order to sustain your improvements.

How does physical activity and lifestyle choices impact the longevity of dermal fillers?

Your lifestyle choices, including the level of physical activity you engage in, can influence how long dermal fillers last. For example, individuals who exercise frequently may metabolize fillers more quickly, possibly leading to a shorter duration of effect. Likewise, exposure to excessive sun and poor skincare habits can diminish the appearance of fillers over time. During your consultation at medspa810, our team will provide tailored advice on how to maintain the results of your treatment for as long as possible.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.