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medspa810 is open and committed to providing you with the best care possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin, and medspa810 embodies this by making theapeutic and result-focused cosmetic care accessible and convenient. We work hard to offer Affordable Luxury and take pride in the high quality of our services with the best value for your money. We offer transparent prices that you’ll find on our website before calling in for a consultation. We also use the latest technology to offer novel solutions to problems you wouldn’t expect a spa to treat.

COMFORT & JOY Holiday Package

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Enjoy a 50 Minute hands-on Head-to-Toe Full Body Massage


50 Minute hands-on Luxury Facial Customized for ALL skin types

• Beautiful Brow Wax & Shape
• Pomegranate Resurfacing Enzyme
• Tingling Scalp Massage
• Microdermabrasion Exfoliation treatment
• Holiday Berry Hydrating Mask
• Eye Plumping Treatment
• Balance Lip Enhancement

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Expert Team

Our Licensed, professional massage therapists, medical aestheticians, certified laser technicians, CoolSculpting® experts and office staff have a tremendous pool of experience and qualifications between themselves. No matter what kind of therapeutic, relaxation or cosmetic improvement treatment you are interested in, you can always count on a job well done.

Med Spa Services and Highlights

 Our beauticians, cosmetic experts, and staff have a tremendous pool of experience and qualifications between themselves. No matter what type of cosmetic care you’re interested in, you can always count on a job well done.

Facials for Every Need

We use a patented Hydrafacial® process that combines exfoliation, cleansing, and skin revitalization into one comprehensive medical facial. It doesn’t stop there, as you can upgrade to a luxury Hydrafacial® that incorporates additional skincare techniques and a massage. Our patients can even customize their medical facials with a variety of enhancements that brighten skin, eliminate wrinkles, and much more.

Our non-medical facials are even more flexible, with eight specialized facials for different concerns. One popular facial helps undo the brown spots, wrinkles, and loose skin of aging. Another will target your dry, itchy skin for moisturization and restoration. If you have unique skincare needs, we can offer a custom facial perfectly suited to the issues you’re dealing with.  LEARN MORE >>

Medical-Grade Skin Treatments

We offer a variety of chemical peels that are suitable for different levels of skin imperfections. Our Fire & Ice Facial is slightly more intense than a standard facial, but much gentler than the peels you’ll find at our competitors. As a result, it can reduce wrinkles, acne scarring, and rosacea without requiring you to take any downtime to recover. On the other hand, our powerful SkinMedica chemical peels can eliminate severe skin imperfections and leave you looking and feeling great.  LEARN MORE >>

Fat-Eliminating CoolSculpting

Have stubborn pockets of fat that are clinging to your jawline or peaking over your bra? Diet and exercise won’t always solve all fat issues, and surgical procedures might seem a bit extreme. Instead of turning to an expensive, intrusive surgery, you can come in on Sunday for CoolSculpting. You’ll be able to head into work on Monday, but your body will begin processing the targeted fat out. CoolSculpting applies precise cold to the body to kill fat cells without harming surrounding tissues, and it can eliminate 25% of fat in the targeted area.  LEARN MORE >>

LED and Laser Treatments

Medspa 810 offers a number of powerful light-based treatments and therapies. LED light therapy is gentle, painless, and stimulates your tissues to produce collagen and make themselves fuller and firmer. Lasers have many applications in beauty and skin health, such as targeted hair removal. A laser hair removal session can get the job done faster and provide you a nearly-painless solution. Lasers can also undo aging, brown spots, and other blemishes that prevent your skin from being as beautiful as it could be.  LEARN MORE >>

Unwind with a Massage

Whether you need the simple relaxation of a Swedish massage or a unique service such as hot stone therapy, medspa810 has you covered. We perform eight distinct types of massage, and can combine elements of different techniques in a custom massage suited to your goals. You’ll find pure relaxation during and after one of our massages.  LEARN MORE >>

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