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Various skin lesions may affect the health and appearance of your skin, including skin tags, keratosis, moles, and warts, among others. While many skin lesions carry no cause for concern, Scottsdale, AZ patients may choose to have a spot removed for cosmetic reasons or to reduce the risk of skin cancer and other health concerns. At medspa810, our certified medical aestheticians perform skin lesion removal to improve your complexion and minimize skin cancer risks.

Our team also treats spider veins. Spider veins are the small red, blue, or purple veins we often find on the legs. These unsightly veins can become painful and can worsen if not treated. Our experienced team is pleased to offer a safe, permanent, and noninvasive skin lesion removal and spider vein treatment option with advanced LAMPROBE high-frequency technology. To learn more about skin lesions and spider vein treatments, contact our facility in Scottsdale, AZ.

Medspa810 in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to offer a range of aesthetic treatments to meet various skin care needs. One of those treatments is the removal of spider veins, skin tags, and lesions with the state-of-the-art LAMPROBE platform. The benefits of skin tag, spider vein, and lesion removal at our facility include:

  • Improved aesthetic
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Prevention of further complications
  • Noninvasive, rapid procedures
  • Suitable for all skin types and tones
  • LAMPROBE often delivers optimal results in just one session
  • Personalized treatment plans

Who Is A Good Candidate For Spider Vein, Lesion, and Skin Tag Removal?

Spider vein, lesion, or skin tag removal is a procedure suitable for men and women with moles, warts, skin tags, keratosis, or spider veins. Performed at our Scottsdale, AZ facility using the LAMPROBE method, this procedure is excellent for cosmetic and practical purposes. Great candidates typically meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Are experiencing constant skin irritation
  • Wish to rid themselves of one or more skin lesions or spider veins
  • Feel self-conscious about their skin
  • Are concerned that their lesion or wart could be cancerous
  • See a skin lesion, wart, or spider vein in a prominent area on the body, like the nose, chin, cheeks, or hands
  • Notice that skin lesions are interfering with their daily lives and/or favorite activities

The LAMPROBE treats common minor skin conditions, including spider veins, skin tags, and other skin deformities. This is a fast, noninvasive procedure with no anesthesia required. Removing skin tags or lesions and treating spider veins usually requires just one treatment. The LAMPROBE treats all skin tones and types.

An incredible massage by Sylvia, such a professional and talent. Thank u!

K.H. Google

I believe it's time for me to share my review of this establishment. I have been a loyal customer of Medspa 810 for the past 4 years and I cannot overstate my satisfaction with both the customer service and the treatments provided here. This spa truly has everything! The owner is exceptionally kind and professional, and her staff mirror her dedication. It's not just about receiving treatments here; it's about being cared for and feeling beautiful :). I wholeheartedly recommend this spa - it's the finest spa in North Scottsdale.

V.R. Google

Riley did an amazing job on my massage. I have had many, including at several 5 star spas, and this was one of the best. He was able to maintain moderate/firm pressure as I requested, but decreased it for sore areas when I asked. My muscles are noticeably more relaxed afterward. I will be back again soon.

J.S. Google

The girls here are amazing! I had a laser appointment, and it was so reasonably priced. I'll definitely be coming back on my next visit! It was clean and very nice. Everyone here was extremely helpful and kind! Definitely recommend!!

K.E. Google

Had a massage with Riley. He was amazing. Asked questions at the start and honored what I asked him to focus on. Truly fantastic

L.C. Google


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What Can I Expect After Spider Vein, Lesions, and Tag Treatment?

Right after your LAMPROBE session, you may experience some light redness, swelling, or bruising, but these side effects should subside within the coming days. It's important to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays and you should apply sunscreen frequently to treated areas. Some patients see visible improvements right away but results will be different for each person. In your consultation with our team, potential results will be reviewed as well as recommendations on the number of treatments needed to reach your best results. In the case of spider veins, more will probably develop over time, so follow-up procedures may be performed as needed.

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If you have skin tags, lesions, or spider veins that are irritating or unattractive, our team can help evaluate and remove them. Medspa810 invites you to contact our Scottsdale, AZ practice to schedule a consultation for skin tag, lesion, or spider vein removal with the revolutionary LAMPROBE laser system.

How much does laser vein removal cost?

A laser vein removal treatment is priced depending on how many veins are being treated and how many sessions are suggested for optimal results. During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your veins, the size of them and location, then develop your custom treatment plan to estimate your cost. medspa810 accepts numerous payment methods and we frequently offer specials on treatments like laser vein removal.

Does the vein go away?

Laser vein removal treats the vein with a beam of energy that heats up the vein to destroy it. The technology is precise and focuses on the vein, so it will not affect your skin. After the vein has collapsed, it will take about 4 – 6 weeks for the vein to be reabsorbed and disappear.

Where can laser vein removal be used?

Spider veins can be located on your face, thighs, back of the legs, and around your ankles. In most areas of the face and body, laser vein removal may be an appropriate treatment method. Our advanced laser works with precision when treating the specific vein so the tissue and skin around the veins is unharmed.

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